Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Favorite Money Saving Apps

As A Stay-at-Home parent, I am always looking for ways to save money. Although I am not one of those extreme couponers, I do what I can to save a few bucks here and there, without too much effort going into it. If clipping coupons is not your thing, here are a few apps and sites I use, that save me money.

First and foremost is .... Target Cartwheel!
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Target Cartwheel. It is so easy to use and you get discounts from 5% all the way to 75% on items you would normally buy! To date, I have saved almost $400 just in Target Cartwheel alone. They are always adding new items weekly. And as I mentioned, super easy to use. Once you sign up, you browse their offers and add to your Cartwheel cart the items you would like. You can do this in several ways, the easiest being the app from your phone (available for android & iphones).  Once you download the app and sign up on your phone, head to your nearest Target and log in. From the app, you can scan every purchase you are buying to see if there is a matching Cartwheel discount. If there is, simply hid the ADD button to add that item to your cart. You can also browse through all the categories and add that way as well. You are allowed so many spots in your Cartwheel Cart. You can add more slots for saving the more you use your Cartwheel. You earn badges in different ways (ie: saving your 1st $10 opens slots, $25, etc)  and each badge opens more space to add items. 
*You can double, triple or even quadruple your savings by combining your Cartwheel with Target and manufacturer coupons (Target lets you stack coupons), then use your Target Red Card (either debit or credit card - if you don't have one, GET ONE!) for an extra 5% off your entire bill. And if you use Target Pharmacy (although I am sad to learn they are switching all Target pharmacies to CVS ) you get an extra 5% off an entire day of shopping after every 5th prescription filled. Combining all of those adds up to quite a big savings! Just to give you an idea, I have kept track of my savings and in 9 months I have saved over $950.00 using Cartwheel, coupons & my Target Red card. You gotta love Target!

Second to Target Cartwheel is Ibotta:

Ibotta is a rebate app, that allows you to cash in on rebates for items you purchase. After you download & register the app on your phone, you browse through the offers. They have offers in grocery, electronics, travel, etc., and offer online rebates as well. Once you see an offer you are interested in, you need to unlock the offer. That usually requires watching a really short video, answering a poll question, learning a fact. Once you complete that short task, you offer is unlocked and now available for you to use. If it is an item I know I am going to purchase, I usually click on the little heart icon (♥) at the top to save it. This makes it easier to redeem later. After purchasing items that are offered on Ibotta, it's time to redeem. You simply open the app, on the drop down in the upper left corner you click on REDEEM, choose the store you are redeeming the offer(s) from and hit "SCAN PRODUCT BARCODES" click the item you purchased and then scan that items barcode to make sure the rebates matched. After you have done this with all the items you are getting rebates for, you then verify all the items by uploading a picture of your receipt with your phone. The app does it all for you. You usually get your rebate back within a day. Once you accumulate $10 (or more) n rebates, you can cash in and have the money directly deposited into your PayPal or Venmo account. Or, you can use your rebate money  for different gift cards, such as Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, etc. 

Another way to earn rebates is through your Ibotta TEAMWORK: 

Any friends that also use Ibotta, helps you earn more rebates by completing levels throughout the month. The more friends you have in your Team, the bigger & better your extra rebate will be. So if you do decide to sign up for Ibotta, please use either my referral link (  or referral code (cdykqlw) and that way, we can save even more money together! I have only been using this app for a short while and have already earned over $20 in rebates! 

Shopkick is a little different in that you earn "KICKS" just by entering stores where you are shopping. This includes grocery stores, clothing stores, pharmacies, pet stores, etc. Once you have downloaded the app and registered you can start earning your KICKS, which you then trade in for gift cards to places like Target, Walmart, Cheesecake Factory, Macys, Old Navy, Starbucks - just to name a few. You can also gain KICKS by scanning certain items in the store. You do not need to buy anything, you just scan the item they  ask for and you get your KICKS. Shopkick lets you know what stores have WALK-INS KICKS and SCAN KICKS. It works best if you open the app just outside the door. Usually once you get inside, you will get the welcome screen and then it will alert you that you received your WALK-IN KICKS

After you earn your Walk-In kicks, find the items listed in the SCANS, and scan them for your SCAN KICKS. 
You never have to buy a thing to earn your kicks and the kicks quickly add up so you can cash in for your gift cards. Super easy and totally FREE rewards! 

If you choose to take advantage of this awesome app, I ask that you please use my referral link when you sign up:

This app is only available for Walmart stores, but is so easy to use and your savings can quickly add up depending on how often you shop at Walmart. It is simple really, after you install the app and register you do your shopping at Walmart. When you are done shopping, you scan your receipt using the app and Walmart compares for advertised ads  on the products you purchased. If an item is advertised for less on any competitors ads, Walmart will match the lowest price and credit you back the difference. You then can use your savings to cash in for a Walmart eGift Card. My savings have added up in the months I have been using this app to over $40, that I have then turned in for an e-Gift Card.
Simple and easy to use. My kids also make a game to see if they can find any discarded receipts when we shop at Walmart. You are allowed to submit up to 7 receipts per week.

This app is also super easy to use. All you need to do is snap a picture of your receipts. That's it. Once you fill up a card (which is 4 receipts) you get 100 points. You accumulate the points to redeem for gift cards to places like Amazon,, or a general e-gift card that can be used at places such as Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks, iTunes, etc. It takes very little effort and depending on how much you shop, your points can add up quickly. You can use receipts from grocery stores, travel, entertainment, clothing, gas stations. etc. So these rewards quickly add up if you remember to submit all your receipts. 


So there you have my list of the top money/reward saving apps.
 There are SO many to choose from, but I have found these to be the best when it comes to the payout and with very little effort. They are very easy to use, with tutorials and FAQ's to help you out if needed. The rewards can quickly add up. Please remember that if you do take advantage of these super money saving apps, to use my referral links or codes. In most cases, we both benefit from using my referrals, especially with ibotta! We can help each other save!

Other apps worth checking out:

*Snap by Groupon:
rebate app
Please use my referral code: 9Uq7vY
rebate app

rebate app

*Receipt Hog:
coins/rewards for receipts
please use referral code: hipt6975

rebate app
please use my referral code: JKSTAT

*rebate app
if you use my referral code, you will get an offer for a FREE Lindt chocolate when you sign up: KUKHFCAH

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