Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Coca~Cola Life

I love being a member of BzzAgent. I am able to try out so many products, that quite possibly I normally would never try. The latest sample I got is for a new line of reduced calorie soda by Coca~Cola. 

I love Coke, so I was very happy when I found out I qualified for the new mission. I was sent a bottle of Coca~Cola Life - a reduced calorie soda made with pure cane sugar (No HFCS! Yay!!!) and Stevia. My package arrived and I was quite surprised to see a bottle in there. It was wrapped perfectly and probably would have survived being dropped off a 10 story building. :) 
Bottle of Coca~Cola life and coupons to share! 
The first thing I noticed was that the Coca~Cola logo was not red. I am so used to seeing that red logo that it kind of threw me a bit. But I must say that the shade of green that Coke went with is very pretty and "earthy".  I really liked it. 

Part of the mission was to enjoy your new Coca~Cola life while enjoying the sweetness of life. And for me, that meant a beach day!! Nothing gets me happier than sitting on the beach, watching my kids play, looking at the beautiful ocean and enjoying a nice, cold drink! 

Does life get much better than this?
Ok, so now for the moment of truth. I will be honest and say I was a little iffy about trying a "reduced calorie" drink. I am not a fan of diet sodas at all, and avoid artificial  sweeteners as much as possible. However, this Coca~Cola Life is made with Stevia, which is derived from a plant so I was hoping it would be better than most.  The 1st sip tasted almost like a regular Coke. But then the "diet-y" aftertaste kicked in. Darn it! While the aftertaste is not as bad as most diet sodas, it was definitely still there and thus, would prevent me from buying it. I love that Coca-Cola made this with real cane sugar! I wish more than anything, sodas would go back to cane sugar and not HFCS. If Coca~Cola Life made a regular flavored Coke with cane sugar, that would be a dream come true. 

I really wanted to like this, but the sugar substitute of Stevia still has too much of a diet taste for me. I do have to say, though, that if you are a diet soda drinker, than try Coca~Cola Life. I think it is slightly better than other diet sodas and if that is what you drink, you would like this!

I would like to thank BzzAgent & Coca~Cola for allowing me to try this new product.