Tuesday, January 20, 2015

An Apple A Day ...

Thanks to BzzAgent and OPAL apples, I was able to try OPAL Apples ... a NON-GMO apple that is sweet & crisp! But the most amazing thing about OPAL apples is the fact that they don't "brown"! I would cut apples and put them in my kids lunch boxes for school and I don't know how many times they came home telling me that they threw the apples away because they got "yucky" - they turned brown and mushy. I was unsure of the claims from OPAL Apples about not browning. So I set out to test the apples. I got one out before I went to bed one night and cut it up. I left it out on the counter. The next morning (8 hours later!) I got up and found the apple was still crisp and only a very slight area near the seeds had started to get a little darker. But it wasn't brown! And the apple still tasted sweet & crisp. I was sold! Now for the kids test! I packed their lunched with Opal Apples and sent them off to school. When they came home I asked my usual question ... "How was lunch? Did you eat everything?" Both kids replied that they ate everything, "even the apples!" Wow. Ok, they were sold too!! 

Only a slight darkening around the seed area.
This is hours after cutting the apple open!

Opal Apples are a bit more pricey than other apples. And they are also a little harder to find. They are not available in all stores. I am lucky that my Vons carries them. So even though they are a little more pricey, for me they are worth it because they are actually being eaten and not thrown out! I hate wasting food.

A perfect, healthy after-school snack! 
So OPAL Apples are a hit with this mom. And better yet ... they are a hit with the kids too! They have even asked for OPAL apples as a snack when they get home from school! Can't complains about that! 

For a list of stores near you that carry OPAL apples, please check out their website:

Thank you Opal and BzzAgent for the yummy opportunity to try these delicious apples! 

A BIG thumbs up from both the kids
for OPAL Apples!! 

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